Sarah Switzer and Bill Greenway are the Presidents, Owners and Operators of SGS Elevators Incorporated.

Both Sarah and Bill are well known and respected in the elevator industry.  Their top priorities are to be ethical, hardworking and honest individuals.  Sarah, a Kingston native and Bill migrating from Ottawa in 1995, both are proud to call this industry their passion.  Bill, acting as the top adjuster to some of the largest companies in the industry in Eastern Ontario has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Sarah started in the trade in a sales role for some of the largest companies in Canada where she has established the reputation to be strong willed, knowledgeable and passionate about her client’s needs and making sure they are met.

SGS Elevators began when both Sarah and Bill recognized the need for an independent elevator company in the Belleville and Kingston area.  They heard the frustrations of clients from the larger companies wanting a better customer experience.  Customers wanted transparency with respect to costs, time lines and managing expectations.  That is why SGS Elevators provides valuable options to their clients by installing only non-proprietary equipment, while still being able to provide maintenance and service to all other makes and models of elevators and their systems.  SGS Elevators also offers monthly maintenance programs that cater to their client’s individual needs.  SGS Elevators is committed to providing service that will extend the life of your equipment therefore reducing costs to their customers.

SARAH SWITZER, BILL GREENWAY and the dedicated team at SGS Elevators Incorporated are committed to improving the elevator industry one valued client at a time.